Can my Network support a database?

The basics

Unless your database is going to serve one person, and reside on their computer, it will need to be connected to the network. There are two basic parts to this question. The first queston is can the network support the number of people who will be using the database? The second question is it fast enough?

Port count

Is there room for everybody? This would include those already on the network as well as those who will need to be added to the network due to their use of the database. The computer that will be used as the server needs to be connected to the network as well. If there is not room for everybody then the network must be upgraded. Even if there are enough ports the network may need to be upgraded.

Network speed

There is no single standard that can be used to determine if a network is fast enough. The best method is to identify several specific tasks (that use the network) and run them at different times of the day. A value judgement must be made: what is an acceptable completion time for these tasks. If these tasks can be run fast enough, then the network is fast enough.

There are several things that can be done to increase the speed of the network. The over all speed can be increased by replacing the network switch (or hub) with a faster one. This may require replacing the wiring. Many switches come with a couple of ports that are faster than the others. Attaching high traffic computers, such as servers, to these ports can improve network performance.


There are a few must do items that come with networks, but it really comes down to the questions “Is it fast enough?” and ”Is it worth it to make it faster?&rdquo These are value judgements. We will be happy to work with your network consultant to evaluate the impact of a database on your exiting network, and to help plan any upgrades you may want or need to make.


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Last Updated: July 7, 2005