About 4th Dimension

4D, Inc.

4th Dimension is marketed and supported by a company called 4D, Inc. They were the first company to offer database products for Macintosh Computers (other than Apple itself). They support Macintosh and PC platforms, and have worked hard over the years to be ready for each new operating system as it was released for public purchase. They have done a very good job introducing database technology into their products. Our interaction with 4D Inc employees has been very good. Our orders have been processed smoothly, since we started in 1991, without any errors. Their technical support staff has been able to resolve every problem we have presented to them.

Market position

4D products have always been designed to support state of the art database features. Their products were fully relational and supported multiple user before their competitor's products were. They continue this trend today, with built in ability to send and receive email, web hosting features and ftp support.

4D products are designed to scale from small to large user bases. When properly developed, the same 4D database that is used by a single person on a single person (supported by a single user version of the 4D database engine) can be used by many users (supported by the client server version of the 4D database engine).


Fortnight Software is proud to use the 4D family of products in our database products. Please feel free to contact us for an evaluation of how a Fortnight database can help you manage your data.


Phone: (818) 773-4640


Last Updated: July 8, 2005