About Fortnight Software


Fortnight Software was founded in October of 1991 by Bob Bilyeu to provide data base solutions to small and medium sized companies. Mr. Bilyeu is experienced in both the design of new databases, and in the support of existing databases.

Company Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to treat clients the way we wish to be treated. We will make an honest and accurate evaluation of your needs. If your needs can be met with a simple solution, we will make you aware of it. If your needs require a complex solution that exceeds your budget, we will work with you to find a way to provide you with data management solutions that will work for you.

We believe that the creation of custom software is a partnership between contractor and client. Your data is your property, our access to it is at your permission.


Fortnight Software is located in Northridge, California, and serves clients in and around Los Angeles county.


Fortnight Software has competitive rates, and will bid on either a time and materials basis, or fixed cost. Emergency, gotta have it yesterday, contracts are also available. Please feel free to contact Fortnight Software for a free evaluation of your data management needs.


Phone: (818) 773-4640


Last Updated July 7, 2005